Bookbinding Adhesives

The Apollo Bookbinding range was developed by our expert chemists for securely bonding hard and soft-backed books and magazines. Our adhesives have been designed to minimise task-time and ensure complete peace of mind via their strong initial green-strength.

High-performance technology
The lack of water and solvents allow hot-melts to attain peak bonding strength very quickly. The mechanical bonds they create help you improve end-products and streamline processes. At Apollo Adhesive Solutions, we only produce bookbinding adhesives that focus on enhancing your quality, increasing efficiency and reducing cost for all common types of bindery operation.

Minimises task-time
Apollo Bookbinding Adhesives minimise the time between production processes due to exhibiting high initial green-strength. This ensures an uninterrupted production line, by allowing further processes, such as in-line trimming and inserts to be carried out immediately after bonding.

Extremely versatile
The versatility of Apollo Bookbinding Adhesives helps to reduce the number of products you need to store. Our range of adhesives will securely bond pages to the spine of soft and hard-back books, and are suitable for ‘perfect binding’, ‘Otabind’ and cased-in book blocks application, designed for use with both ‘wheel in pot’ and ‘slot’ applicators.

Complete peace of mind
At Apollo, we understand you need total confidence that the adhesive you are using can withstand sustained pressures and page-pulls. Apollo Bookbinding Adhesives form flexible high-strength bonds which exceed page-pull and flexibility testing.

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