Bookbinding (A1278)

Apollo Bookbinding (A1072) has been specifically developed as a spine adhesive for soft and hard-back books, and is suitable for ‘perfect binding’, ‘Otabind’ and cased-in book blocks. It is a single-component polyurethane reactive hot-melt adhesive that offers the manufacturer many benefits.

Extremely versatile: suitable for a hard and soft-back spines
The versatility of Apollo Bookbinding (A1278) helps to reduce the number of products you need to store onsite. It will securely bond most paper grades to hard and soft-back book spines, and is also compatible with both ‘wheel in pot’ and ‘slot’ applicators.

Minimises task-time: good green-strength
Apollo Bookbinding (A1278) helps to minimise task-time due to its strong initial green-strength. This ensures continues production and allows further processes to be carried out immediately after bonding, including in-line trimming and inserts.

Complete peace of mind: excellent page-pull properties
At Apollo, we understand you need complete peace of mind that the adhesive you use can withstand the stresses associated with book-spines. Apollo Bookbinding (A1278) has exceeded page pull and flexibility tests over a range of temperatures. It has also achieved excellent cold-crack results.


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