Apollo Adhesive Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of H.B. Fuller.

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Insulation & Foam Conversion

Apollo Foam Converting Adhesives have been specifically developed for a variety of specific applications, including manufacturing sports mats, household goods, insulation products and furnishings. The range includes polyurethane and contact adhesives with a high heat-resistance and excellent cutting properties. Each product helps to minimise production time and cost due to their fast-tack nature.

Foam (A84) – Sprayable Foam Adhesive 1K MCPU (Contact)
Apollo Foam (A84) has been specifically developed for the manufacture of foam products intended for demanding applications, including cleaning aids, washing pads and scouring sponges. It is a single-component (1K) moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) adhesive, which is ideal for creating foam cleaning aids. Apollo Foam (A84) is suitable for use with a range of machinery/equipment, but will also give an excellent coverage rate when sprayed by hand.

Foam (A7153) – Sprayable Foam & Plastic 1K MCPU Adhesive (Contact)
Apollo Foam (A7153) was developed specifically for the efficient manufacture of foam and plastic products, including sport safety items and interior car trims. It is a solvent-free single-component (1K) non-flammable moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) adhesive and is an ideal solution for a range of foam applications.

Apollo (A7701 A/B) Fast-Tack Soft Lamination Adhesive
A unique thixotropic sprayable (100%) two-part adhesive, Apollo (A7701 A/B) was developed to provide a solvent-free/VOC-free solution to manufacturers, whilst retaining the high performance properties of a traditional polyurethane adhesive. This includes high initial grab and strength, as well as resistance to extreme temperatures, which makes it ideal for laminating a wide range of foams and materials. Apollo (A7701 A/B) also reduces production time and cost. It allows for a continuous bonding line.

Foam (A8530) – Sprayable Foam Adhesive (Contact)
Apollo Foam (A8350) has been developed specifically for use in the upholstery and furniture industry. It is low-pressure non-flammable sprayable contact adhesive that offers the manufacturer many benefits. It is ideal for use in the upholstery and furniture industry and securely bonds flexible and soft foam (polyurethane) to itself, as well as wide range of other materials. Apollo Foam (A8530) may be sprayed through most equipment although it has been designed specifically for low-pressure applications.

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