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Fastack Adhesives

The Apollo Fastack range has been developed by our expert chemists for a variety of specific applications, including the manufacture of doors, caravans and SIPs as well as soft flexible substrates for the manufacture of sport matting. 

Extremely versatile
Apollo Fastack Adhesives allow you to securely bond a wide range of soft, flexible materials. The versatility of Apollo Fastack helps to reduce the number of products you need to store at your factory. There are thixotropic versions available for porous or open-cell materials, which is well suited for the foam conversion market e.g. open-cell foams and mineral-wool.

Minimise production costs
Production costs are a key concern for any manufacturer, especially given the current economic climate. Apollo Fastack Adhesives boast extremely economical usage rates via their one-way stick technology and low coat-weight. Apollo Fastack develops a high-degree of green-strength quickly, which allows you to work with products immediately after the press-cycle, thus maximising work progress.

Minimise task-time
Apollo Fastack Adhesives give you a 1-1 cycle of open-time to cure-time due to unique cure characteristics, helping you minimise task-time. The fast-tack, quick-grab and fast-cure characteristics allow products to be pressed immediately after adhesive application, typically via nip rollers. Products will achieve handling/cutting strength at the end of the press-cycle via Fastack’s unique 1-1 cycle.

High performance
At Apollo, we understand you need a high-performance adhesive that can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Apollo Fastack Adhesives form a high-strength durable weatherproof bond, resistant to water, extreme temperatures (-30-120°C) and even chemicals once fully cured.

Green credentials: solvent free
Green issues are becoming increasingly important across all industries, and this trend is set to continue in the future. The Apollo Fastack Adhesive range consists of solvent-free polyurethane adhesives, which helps you to meet a growing number of green issues. It also makes the product more pleasant for employees to use compared to solvent-based products (VOCs), creating a more comfortable working environment.

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