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Foam (A7153)

Apollo Foam (A7153) has been developed specifically for the efficient manufacture of foam products, including sport safety items and interior car trims. It is a single-component non-flammable sprayable moisture-curing polyurethane ‘contact type’ adhesive (1K MCPU Contact) that offers the manufacturer many benefits.

Ideal for a range of foam applications: securely bonds foam to a wide range of plastics
Apollo Foam (A7153) is a multipurpose adhesive suitable for many foam applications. It securely bonds foam to a wide range of plastics, including both plasticised and unplasticised PVC (uPVC). The strength of the bond created by Apollo Foam (A7153) is comparable to that of a contact adhesive. It is also resistant to temperatures between -30-150°C once fully cured.

Extremely economical: sprayable one-way stick high-solid adhesive
One of the key benefits of Apollo Foam (A7153) is that it has an economical usage rate. This is due to its high solid content and one-way stick application. Spraying ensures excellent coverage and reduces wastage of the product, whilst its one-way stick application keeps the amount of adhesive used to a minimum.

Minimises production time: single-component MCPU with aggressive tack and green-strength.
At Apollo, we understand the need to minimise production time, and Apollo Foam (A7153) has been developed with this in mind. It is a single-component MCPU that requires no mixing and is applied to substrates with a spray-gun. Apollo Foam (A7153) also permits the quick handling of bonded substrates because it develops aggressive tack and green-strength within a minute. It also only takes 24 hours for Apollo Foam (A7153) to achieve full strength.

Minimises investment requirements: machine or hand-sprayable
There is no need to invest in machinery should you not wish to in order to use Apollo Foam (A7153). It is suitable for use with a range of machinery/ equipment, but will also give an excellent coverage rate when sprayed by hand.

Safety credentials: non-flammable solvent
Safety credentials are becoming increasingly important in all industries. Apollo (A7153) is a non-flammable solvent, which allows safe storage onsite.


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