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Joinery (A9331)

Apollo Joinery (A9331) was developed specially for a wide range of internal and external wood applications. It is a solvent-free single-component moisture-curing polyurethane (1K MCPU) adhesive. This adhesive offers both the professional and DIY hobbyist user many benefits and is compatible with a wide range of materials/substrates.

Ideal for large horizontal areas: economical coverage rate and simple application
Apollo Joinery (A9331) is ideal for large horizontal areas, both onsite or in the workshop due to its extremely economical coverage rate. It comes supplied in a plastic poly bottle, which makes application to such areas quick and simple.

Reduces the number of adhesives you need to store: bonds wood to a wide range of substrates
At Apollo, we understand that you want to be able to use one adhesive for several jobs. Apollo Joinery (A9331) is a multipurpose adhesive, which reduces the number of adhesives you need to store. It securely bonds wood to a wide range of substrates, including all types of timber, even engineered timber, laminates and most metals.

Peace of mind: fully waterproof to EN 204 D4 and has excellent weathering and aging properties
You need total confidence that the adhesive you are using can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Apollo Joinery (A9331) creates a high-strength permanent bond within 30 minutes, with most materials and applications. It is fully waterproof to EN 204 D4 and has excellent weathering and aging properties. Apollo Joinery (A9331) is also resistant to chemicals and temperatures within the range of -30-150°C.

Disguises a multitude of sins: gap-filling properties hide uneven joints
Most woodworkers will have experienced uneven joints and the problems that this can cause. Apollo Joinery (A9331) helps to reduce these problems because its gap-filling properties disguise a multitude of sins, including keeping uneven joints and imperfections hidden.

Green credentials: solvent-free
Green credentials are becoming increasingly important within the construction industry, and this is set to continue. Apollo Construction (A9331) is solvent-free which makes it more environmentally friendly and pleasant to use compared to solvent-based products (VOCs). It also makes it suitable for use on a wide range of projects, even those with high levels of public usage, such as schools and hospitals.

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