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Lamination (A7532)

Apollo Lamination (A7532) was developed specifically for the manufacture of a wide range of panels, including doors, cold stores, caravans and SIPs. It is a solvent-free single-component (1K) moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) adhesive, which securely bonds a wide range of materials/substrates.

Extremely versatile: securely bonds to a wide range of lamination materials
The versatility of Apollo Lamination (A7532) allows you to securely bond a wide range of lamination materials including metals, GRP, plywood, plastics and most types of insulation (EPS, PIR and XPS). Its versatility also helps to reduce the number of products you need to store in your factory.

Minimises task-time: single-component adhesive with a long open-time
Apollo Lamination (A7532) helps to minimise task-time because it is a single-component adhesive that requires no mixing, thereby eliminating the risk of human mixing error. Its long open-time of 30 minutes and cure-time of 90 minutes give you enough time to complete essential tasks without being excessive.

Minimises production costs: low coat-weight and one-way stick
At Apollo, we understand that production costs are a key concern, particularly in this economic environment. This is why Apollo Lamination (A7532) was specifically formulated to offer a low coat-weight and one-way stick application to ensure economical usage.

Complete peace of mind: due to its flexible weatherproof bond
We understand you need complete confidence that the adhesive you are using can withstand extreme environmental conditions and stresses. Apollo Lamination (A7532) forms a flexible high-strength waterproof bond, which is resistant to water, extreme temperatures (-30-150°C) and even chemicals once fully cured. It also exhibits excellent aging properties.

Green credentials: solvent-free
Green credentials are becoming increasingly important across all sectors, and this is set to continue. Apollo Lamination (A7532) is a solvent-free polyurethane adhesive, which helps to meet a growing number of green issues. It also makes the product more pleasant for your employees to use, creating a more comfortable working environment.

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