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Marine Adhesives

The Apollo Marine Adhesive range has been developed specifically for the safe and effective manufacture and repair of marine products, including inflatable boats, wet suits and life jackets. Our expert chemists have developed each adhesive with a fast-tack and high-strength bond thatis resistant to UV-light, sea water and chemicals once fully cured.

Marine (A3701 A/B)
PVC Adhesive (2K PU)

Marine (A3703 A/B)
Hypalon Adhesive (2K Polychloroprene)

Securely bonds PVC and Hypalon 
At Apollo, we understand that you require specifically-formulated products for the safe manufacture and repair of marine products. Our hardwearing, yet flexible adhesives, ensure a strong bond because they have been developed to take into account the unique properties of both PVC and Hypalon materials.

Withstands extreme environmental conditions
PVC inflatable products are subject to wear and tear, especially boats and life-saving equipment. These products are constantly being dragged in and out of saltwater and left to dry in intense temperatures. Apollo Marine Adhesives are able to withstand such extreme conditions, with resistance to temperatures of -30-120°C and both sea water and chemicals.

Extremely versatile
The Apollo Marine Adhesive range consists of multipurpose adhesives that bond plasticised and un-plasticised PVC, as well as nylon fabric, polyurethane fabric and foam. The versatility of Apollo Marine Adhesives reduces the number of additional adhesives you need to store onsite. Apollo Marine Adhesives are also suitable for use as one-component products for temporary repairs, which is highly convenient if a repair needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Peace of mind
The range includes one-component and two-component solvent-free and solvent-based polyurethane adhesives suitable for bonding PVC and Hypalon. Each adhesive in the range gives a strong durable bond, capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions, ensuring complete peace of mind. Our adhesives have been specifically developed for manual application via brush or roller, and strong contact bonds thereby minimising cost and task-time.

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