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Marine (A3703 A/B)

Apollo Marine (A3703 A/B) allows you to securely bond and safely repair Hypalon products, including boats, marine fenders, dracone barges and wet suits. It is a two-component ‘contact type’ adhesive (2K polychloroprene) that offers the following benefits.

Securely bonds Hypalon: developed specifically for bonding Hypalon
Hypalon is ideal for creating marine products because it is hardwearing, yet flexible. It is also resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures and ultraviolet light. However, these properties also make it difficult to bond. Apollo Marine (A3703 A/B) ensures a strong bond because it has been developed to take into account the unique properties of Hypalon.

Extremely versatile: will also bond a range of other materials
Apollo Marine (A3703 A/B) is extremely versatile. Although developed specifically for bonding Hypalon, it will also bond polychloroprene, butyl and nitrile. The versatility of Apollo Marine (A3703 A/B) reduces the number of products you need to store onsite. It is also suitable for use as a one-component product for temporary repairs, which is highly convenient if a repair needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Withstands extreme environmental conditions: heat, chemical and water-resistant
Many Hypalon products are subject to wear and tear; boats, marine fenders and dracone barges are subject to harsh treatment when in unsettled waters, whilst wet suits are placed in and out of sea water and left to dry in the sun. Most adhesives could not withstand such extreme conditions. Apollo Marine (A3703 A/B) ensures a safe and secure bond in these conditions because it has a temperature resistance of -30-120°C and is resistant to both sea water and chemicals.

Minimises costs: removes the need for expensive application equipment
Apollo Marine (A3703 A/B) minimises cost because it removes the need for expensive application equipment. It comes supplied as a simple-to-use two-component kit (adhesive and curing agent), which is quickly and easily applied with a roller or brush.

Reduces task-time: fast-tack and develops ‘contact type’ bonds
Apollo Marine (A3703 A/B) helps to reduce task-time and improve manufacturing efficiency. It develops tack in as little as 5-15 minutes and forms a ‘contact type’ bond. This gives the joined substrates excellent handling strength, which allows you to move on to the next stage in the process quickly.

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