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Specialist Offsite Adhesives

Apollo Specialist Offsite Construction Adhesives have been developed by our expert chemists for a variety of specific applications, including brick slips, flooring and woodworking. The range includes single-component polyurethane, water-based and MS polymer adhesives, including a choice of solvent-free adhesives. Each adhesive has excellent water, heat and solvent resistance to suit specific applications, specially developed utilising our 40 years experience in the market place. If these products do not suit your application or production method, we have many other products which might. We can even work with you to find a bespoke solution, please contact us for more information.

Maintains a durable bond even in extreme conditions
At Apollo, we understand that construction materials have to be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Apollo Specialist Offsite Adhesives have been developed with this in mind. Our adhesives are resistant to water, chemicals and extreme temperatures (-30-150°C) once fully cured.

Ideal for many applications
Apollo Specialist Offsite Adhesives allow you to safely and securely bond a wide range of materials, including to non-porous substrates. It will bond metal, timber, most forms of insulation (EPS, PIR and XPS) and uPVC. Apollo Specialist Offsite Adhesives also exhibit excellent gap-filling properties which is ideal for bonding uneven surfaces. This versatility helps to reduce the number of adhesives you need to store.

Rigorous product testing
In an ever-evolving industry, we understand that product accreditations and test certification are increasingly important, particularly in the offsite construction sector. From an ISO 9001 quality system accredited by the British Standards Institute to the environmental standard ISO 14001, with Apollo you have the assurance of dealing with a company that is setting industry-leading standards in product testing and compliances.

Eliminates equipment investment
Equipment costs are a key concern, especially given the current economic climate. Apollo Specialist Offsite Adhesives eliminate the need for you to invest in expensive equipment, given that our adhesives have been developed for manual application.

Green credentials
Green credentials are becoming increasingly important within the construction sector, and this trend is set to continue. The Apollo Specialist Offsite Adhesives range include solvent-free products, which are more pleasant to use compared to solvent-based products (VOCs) and suitable for a wide range of projects, including those involving schools and hospitals.

Please visit our download section or contact us if you need further information on any of our products, or wish to discuss your bespoke solution requirements.