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Construction (A6805)

Apollo Construction (A6805) has been specifically developed for bonding vinyl floor coverings to porous surfaces. The adhesive develops excellent strength over time and will bond most high-performance vinyl floor materials to a range of conventional absorbent surfaces. Apollo Construction (A6805) is a non-flammable, water-based acrylic resin adhesive that gives you many benefits.

Multi-purpose adhesive: suitable for bonding a wide range of absorbent materials~
Apollo Construction (A6805) is a  high-performance, flexible adhesive suitable for securely bonding vinyl floor coverings to a wide range of conventional absorbent surfaces, including  plywood, chipboard, fibreboard and concrete. The versatility helps reduce the number of adhesives you need to store.

Minimises task time: ready to use
We are aware that time is money. Apollo Construction (A6805) helps to minimise task-time because it comes supplied ready to use, and is simply and quickly applied with the use of a notched-trowel or scraper.

Gives you complete peace of mind: develops excellent strength over time
At Apollo, we understand you need total confidence in the adhesive you are using. Apollo Construction (A6805) develops excellent strength over time, forming a high-strength durable weatherproof bond, resistant to water and extreme temperatures once fully cured.

Minimises cost: economical coverage rates and simple application
We know that minimising cost is key, and Apollo Construction (A6805) has been developed with this in mid. It boasts excellent coverage rates, reducing the amount of product you need to buy. Apollo Construction (A6805) is also quick and simple to apply, minimising task time.

Green credentials: non-hazardous water-based adhesive
Green credentials are becoming increasingly important within the construction sector, and this trend it set to continue. Apollo Construction (A6805) is water-based, meaning it is non-hazardous and environmentally friendly, which makes the product more pleasant to use and suitable for a wide range of projects, including those involving schools and hospitals.

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