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Transport (A7625)

Apollo Transport (A7625) has been specifically developed for applications within the transport industry, including aircraft seats, car interiors, panel bonding and other applications where flame retardancy is essential. It is a one-way stick sprayable polyurethane contact adhesive that offers the manufacturer many benefits.

Complete problem solver: strong, flexible bond lines, bonds a wide range of materials
At Apollo, we understand you need confidence that the adhesive you use wont let you down. Apollo Transport (A7625) is ideal for a wide range of transport applications; and will securely bond a variety of materials including wood, decorative laminates, foam, GRP, mineral wool and most metals. It creates a flexible yet high strength bond line that is well suited to the stresses associated with transport products.

Extremely economical: excellent coverage rate, suitable for one-way stick application
One of the key benefits of Apollo Transport (A7625) is its extremely economical usage rate. Spray application ensures an excellent coverage rate and reduces waste during application. It is also suitable for one-way stick applications, further increasing the coverage rate.

Minimises production time: sprayable contact adhesive with aggressive tack and green strength
Apollo Transport (A7625) has been developed to help minimise production time and improve production throughput. It is a single-component adhesive that requires no mixing and is rapidly applied to substrates by spraying. It also allows for quick handling of the product because it develops an aggressive tack and green strength within one minute.

Complete peace of mind: resistant to extreme temperatures, fire retardant
Apollo Transport (A7625) creates a flexible yet high strength bond line that is resistant to extreme temperatures (-40-120°C) and is also flame retardant. It is compliant with the latest aviation standard from the European Aviation Safety Agency, certification specification ‘CS- 25 clause 25.853(a)’.

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