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Construction (A5196 A/B)

Apollo Construction (A5196 A/B) is a general purpose, water-resistant, gap-filling adhesive that allows you to securely bond a wide range of construction materials in both interior and exterior applications. It is ideal for modular building and pod manufacturing. It is a solvent-free two-component polyurethane adhesive (2K PU) that gives you many benefits.

Ideal for use onsite: maintains a durable bond even in extreme conditions
At Apollo, we understand that construction materials have to be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions onsite. Apollo Construction (A5196 A/B) has been developed with this in mind. It is resistant to water, chemicals and extreme temperatures (-30-150°C) once fully cured. Apollo Construction (A5196 A/B) also has excellent aging properties. These properties ensure a high-strength durable bond.

Reduces the need for multiple adhesives: multipurpose adhesive, suitable for gap-filling
Apollo Construction (A5196 A/B) is a multipurpose adhesive that allows you to safely and securely bond a wide range of materials, including two non-porous substrates. It will bond metal, timber, most forms of insulation (EPS, PIR and XPS) and uPVC. Apollo Construction (A5196 A/B) also has excellent gap-filling properties, which makes it ideal for bonding uneven surfaces. This versatility helps to reduce the number of adhesives you need to store onsite.

Minimises task-time: easy-to-mix kit, with a pot-life of 20-30 minutes
We are aware that time costs money. Apollo Construction (A5196 A/B) helps to minimise task-time because it comes supplied as an easy-to-mix kit, which is simply and quickly applied with the use of a notched-trowel or scraper. Its pot-life of 20 minutes (at 20°C) gives you enough time to complete essential tasks, without being too excessive.

Eliminates equipment investment: developed for manual application
Equipment costs are a key concern, especially given the current economic climate. Apollo Construction (A5196 A/B) eliminates the need for you to invest in expensive equipment, given that it has been developed for manual application and is simple to apply with a notched-trowel or scraper.

Green credentials: solvent-free, and meets EMICODE EC1 plus specification
Green credentials are becoming increasingly important within the construction industry, and this is set to continue. Apollo Construction (A5196 A/B) is solvent-free which makes it more environmentally friendly and pleasant to use. It also makes it suitable for use on a wide range of projects, even those with high levels of public usage, such as schools and hospitals. Apollo Construction (A5196 A/B) also meets EMICODE EC1 plus specification, which shows it emits very low VOC emlissions into indoor air.

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