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Offsite (A5262)

Apollo Offsite (A5262) is a non-hazardous, high-performance, flexible adhesive suitable for bonding a wide range of materials. It has been specifically designed for modular building and pod manufacturing applications. Apollo Offsite (A5262) is a high-grab, maximum strength, gun-applied, gap-filling MS Polymer based adhesive that gives you many benefits.

Multi-purpose adhesive: suitable for bonding a wide range of materials
Apollo Offsite (A5262) is a  high-performance, flexible adhesive suitable for safely and securely bonding a wide range of substrates including GRP, OSB, plastics, wood, steel, GRC, and gypsum-based dry-lining boards. The versatility helps reduce the number of adhesives you need to store. Apollo Offsite (A5262) also allows you to achieve sufficient adhesion with no primer required in most cases.

Gives you complete peace of mind: due to its high-strength durable weatherproof bond
At Apollo, we understand you need total confidence that the adhesive you are using can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Apollo Offsite (A5262) exhibits high initial grab and forms a high-strength durable weatherproof bond, resistant to water, extreme temperatures and even chemicals once fully cured.

Ideal for use when aesthetics are important: gap-filling and easy to paint over
Apollo Offsite (A5262) is ideal for use when aesthetics are important due to a number of properties. The adhesives gap-filling properties cover a multitude of sins, including keeping uneven joints hidden. Apollo Construction (A5262) cures white which creates a better looking bond line and allows you to paint over the adhesive easily.  

Limits the need for as many fixings or improves strength of the panel
Apollo Offsite (A5262) can potentially halve the number of fastenings required when bonding boards to stud work, without loss of strength in panel. Using Apollo Offsite (A5262) prior to the standard mechanical fixing method can significantly increase the strength and racking resistance of the panel, as well as improving the acoustic and thermal properties.

Green credentials: non-hazardous
Green credentials are becoming increasingly important within the construction sector, and this trend it set to continue. Apollo Offsite (A5262) is non-hazardous and environmentally friendly, which makes the product more pleasant to use and suitable for a wide range of projects, including those involving schools and hospitals.

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